School Dinner Menus

Spring Menu 2018

Times of the school day

Staff are on duty from 8.40am to supervise the playground areas.
Foundation stage: Children enter their classrooms through the Early Years outdoor area at 8.50am
KS1: Go in through KS1 door at 8:50 am when the teacher blows the whistle.
KS2: Go in through the KS2 door at 8.50am when the teacher blows the whistle.
School finshes at 3:30pm.





Our Ethos & Values


  • We endeavour to create an environment where children achieve.
  • We believe in high aspirations, mutual respect, independence and hard work.
  • Our children will be active learners who are curious, self-motivated individuals - equipped for their future.
  • We abide by the Golden Rules.
Golden Rules
  1. We are gentle
  2. We are kind and helpful
  3. We listen
  4. We are honest
  5. We work hard
  6. We look after property